Contributor’s Name (Your Name): Rachel Andrepont

One way we will connect is through research about a specific neighborhood accompanied and made more poignant with community service and exploration into the neighborhoods. It is through real work of the hands as Montessori says that we will assimilate knowledge about “our place” in the world. Through exploration and personal interactions you will gain a better understanding not only of our town, but explore your place and that of our friends and neighbors in relation to our town, the larger country and history.
What you read in books will come alive in the streets you walk and the people you see. Come join me for an exploration of Winston-Salem and ourselves for cycle 3.

Theme: Connections

Geared toward ages: 7th and 8th grades

    Kick off: Infinity Circle and Neighborhood Connections
    Seminar Title: War of the Wall

Discussion Topics: Impacts of Individuals, Community Relations

Group Initiative: Agape Love Letters

Project: Group Presentation

Outside Opportunity: Creating and Giving a Tour of a WS neighborhood