Contributor’s Name (Your Name): M Tatrin

This mathematic unit focuses upon surface area & volume of geometric solids, with review of how to apply scale when drawing/sketching objects. Students also learn how to measure the heights of structures, using simple calculations & distance measurements, when other conventional measuring devices prove useless. The unit wraps up by measuring, drawing, and calculating the surface area & volume of a sculpture at a local sculpture park.

Theme: Environment

Geared toward ages: 12-15

    Kick off: yes – Leaning Tower of Pizazz
    Seminar Title: no – not applicable

Discussion Topics: no – not applicable

Group Initiative: yes – Leaning Tower of Pizazz

Project: yes – Olympic Sculpture Park

Outside Opportunity: yes – Olympic Sculpture Park

    Author’s note: can easily substitute a college campus set of building for sculptures