Barb Scholtz, MEd

Practicum Director 

Barb taught middle school in urban public and private schools for 33 years, the last eleven at Clark Montessori where she was a lead teacher.  She has served on AMS’s Teacher Education Action Commission (TEAC) and as a mentor for the Emerging Leadership Fellows program. Barb has presented on a wide variety of topics to with individual schools in the continental United States and Puerto Rico, at AMS, OMA, and CMS annual conferences, at the International Workshop at the University of Indiana-Bloomington, and in introducing Secondary Montessori concepts to teachers in Seoul, South Korea. Serving CMStep alongside director emerita Marta Donahoe since the program was a mere idea, she is currently serving in several roles as she transitions to retirement and supports others in leadership roles within AMS and CMStep.  You’ll see her as an instructor, field consultant, course developer, mentor, and advisor.  She holds a Secondary I-II credential from AMS.